Cambridge is  a great place to travel with kids, especially in the spring, summer, and fall. Check out Full Moon Restaurant at 344 Huron Avenue. The restaurant serves beer and wine, has pretty tasty food (beyond burgers and pizza), and a play area for the kids. So, you can enjoy a more leisurely meal while kids play. Across the street is a wonderful toy store, Henry Bear's Park.  One of the best parts of Cambridge are its public parks, many with water hoses and fountains for making a hot summer day much more tolerable. The city of cambridge website has a list of parks with their addresses. In the summer, street musicians perform in Harvard Square and Davis Square.  So, you can have a fun afternoon or early evening simply by going to the parks in these squares, listening to music and getting an ice cream cone.  Finally, if it happens to rain (which it does quite often) and you have children under the age of five, head to the Discovery Room at the Museum of Science. It is like an educational indoor park.  Below the Discovery Room is a live animal exhibit. Just that section of the museum can keep most kids happy for hours.

Bertucci's (one on Main Street, the other in Harvard Square) is also a great child friendly restaurant.  While you're in Cambridge, be sure to take a walk along the Charles River.  JFK Park, by the River near Harvard Square, is a fine place to sit and have have ice cream and watching the people go by.  You can get terrific ice cream at Toscanini's in Harvard (and Central) Square.  For older kids, the Harvard Museums have much to offer.

Younger kids love the Harvard Museum of Natural History, with dinosaurs, the 42 foot long Kronosaurus, hundreds of stuffed animals from the days before photography that you can get close to to look at the fur and teeth of a tiger, lion, elephants, hippo, wolf, giant moose...They always have new and changing exhibitions...this place is waaaaay more than those amazing Glass Flowers (3,000 glass models of plants and fruit that you'd swear were real) that you might remember.