Springfield Illinois is located in the Midwest plains and therefore sees a range of weather fluctuations. Warm and humid summers are opposed by cold and bitter winters. Because of this, late spring through early fall are the best times to visit Illinois' state capital.

The abundance of outdoor activities that one should take advantage of while visiting Springfield will be enhanced by warm weather. A visit to the National Park Site of Lincoln's home would not be the same if you weren't able to venture around the garden and nature-preserved areas. The city is located between two tributaries of the Sangamon River, Spring Creek to the north and west and Sugar Creek to the south and east. The nature's land is filled with tall grasslands and hardwood trees making outdoor activities extremely peaceful. Similarly, a tour through the recreated village of New Salem is necessary in decent weather. One should prosper by walking from shop to shop, tavern, to mill in this Lincoln-era, charming town. A great time to come here is in early July for the Descendant's Reunion festival and barbeque.

Bike paths are popular in this region as well. The Riverside Park and Woodside Road bike path located off of Veterans Parkway offers a large variety of trails including a competitive BMX bike race track.