The Depot - Where Lincoln bade Farewell

It is a small station building, where Abe Lincoln bade farewell to his beloved neighbors and town brethren. The short and spontaneous 'farewell speech', which he delivered on the occasion has taken a place in the annals of history as one of the shortest and most touching speeches ever made by the great men of past ages. Lincoln, one of the greatest son of the United States, has many parallels with Mahatma Gandhi of India. Of course, both had distinctly different method of battling with enemies from without and within. However, most important identical achievement of both is 'emancipation' of the poor and the downtrodden of their motherlands. For the visitors to the 'Depot' in Springfield, with sense of history, the touching words of the farewell address may still be found to reverberate in this otherwise quiet and somewhat forgotten place.