Anchorage Weather is Surprisingly Mild

Though part of Alaska, Anchorage is far south of the Arctic Circle and is not as cold and dark as many imagine.

Spring through Fall, Anchorage's climate is similar to San Francisco's spring weather, with temperatures that can reach into the 70's. Summer highs average 65 degrees F/18 degrees C.  The highest temperature ever recorded at Anchorage is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winters bring on the snow with high temperatures dipping into the 20s, creating a climate very much like ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains, Canada or Europe.  Explore's Weather and Climate page for monthly temperature and daylightt charts, weather forecasts, and more.

What to Wear When Visiting Anchorage

When participating in many activities in Anchorage Alaska you may experience significant ranges in temperature. The key to comfort in Anchorage and Alaska is to wear layers of clothing, then peel on or off as needed.

Comfortable walking shoes are great for all seasons. In winter, bring heavier layers, long underwear, a warm hat and gloves, and warm boots. Alaska's informality is perfect for visitors; casual wear is welcome virtually everywhere.

Daylight Hours

Let there be light! In Anchorage, there are nearly 24 hours of functional daylight on Summer Solstice. The further north you travel, the more sun you get in the summer; in Barrow the sun does not set for 84 days! The day with the least amount of daylight is on Winter Solstice, yet Anchorage still enjoys five hours, 28 minutes of daylight.