Seattle is an awesome city to visit. There are so many things to do in the city and around, from coffee tours to a nature escape in the Olympic National Park. You know it is a popular destination for great culinary experience, but did you know it is also a popular destination for rock climbing? So if you are looking for the best places for rock climbing on your vacation, here is the list to get your feet off the ground and your hands on the rocks in Seattle.

The long-established Local climbing areas are mostly known by the town nearby: 

North Bend, Index, Darrington, Leavenworth.  

There are a bunch more recently developed areas as well.


Rock Climbing in Seattle

Outdoor Rock Climbing

All around Seattle are great rock climbing locations:

-          Lake Wenatchee State Park : A 2 hour drive takes you to Lake Wenatchee State Park. You need a permit to access the Icicle River Canyon the best area for rock climbing. Many sites are easily accessible in the south part of the Park. Mission Creek Area, on the east side of the park, is a popular stop for rock climbers as well. And while you’re there, make sure to stop in Cashmere and admire the view.

-          Exit 38: The easy access and the scenic views make Exit 38 a very popular climbing location. Many walls are available with various levels of difficulty. You can also enjoy great hikes in the forest to reach some of the walls.

-          Exit 32: This was the first rock climbing location in Seattle. It offers more challenging climbs and is therefore better for intermediates and advanced climbers. Also the routes are longer and therefore more difficult than the rocks you can find at Exit 38.

-          Index: is the most challenging rock climbing destination in Seattle, but it also offers one of the best rock climbing walls in the US: Lower Town Wall.

 Rock Climbing in Seattle

Indoor Rock Climbing

Most people think outdoor, nature and large rocks when they think rock climbing. However, it has become also a popular indoor sport as well. Great for a rainy day in Seattle!

-          REI: the REI’s Pinnacle, in Seattle, offers 65 feet of the ground climbs. You can rent all the equipment needed on site, which is included in the entrance fee. It is great for beginners. Classes are also offered. As it is popular, especially in the winter, reserve ahead of time.

-          Stone Gardens Rock Gym: is the best indoor rock climbing in Seattle. It offers a lot of possibilities for every level, with some great challenging routes for the more advanced climbers. Your entrance fee covers you for the whole day, so take breaks and come back!

-          The Schurman Rock: is the first man made rock ever created in the United States and has offered over the years great indoor rock climbing experiences in Seattle. It is also used as a training location for rescue teams.


So now, if you are looking for a great vacation destination with a lot of attractions and outdoor fun adventures, think about the famous Starbuck city and plan to pack your rock climbing gear, and come visit Seattle.