from Bucharest to Ruse/Rousse (and Bulgaria generally) can be difficult 1. BUSES. There used to be one a day from Bucharest to Ruse / Rousse, but it seems (as of Nov 2010) to have stopped. Very difficult to get information. 2. TRAINS. One a day, old, slow, grubby, but reliable. This is the Bucharest - Istanbul train, with Bucharest - Ruse being the first leg. Probably the cheapest option, but not all that cheap. Add on price, stress, etc of getting to Bucharest station and from Ruse station. The train arrives in Ruse/Rousse main station (ATM machine in tunnel, facing information office), a few kilometres outside the centre. Taxis into the centre aren't expensive, and drivers are almost always honest. Ignore any characters inside the station offering "transport", walk on past the information office, up the steps and out of the station, and get a regular (yellow taxi) at the taxi-rank there. 3. TAXIS. The easiest option and might also work out the cheapest. (Price €50 as of Nov 2011, from anywhere in Bucharest - airport, hotel, wherever - to anywhere in Ruse.) Ask a Bulgarian taxi to come and pick up. If the traveller has a hotel booked in Ruse, the hotel should be able to send a taxi or at least recommend a firm. Otherwise, try Atanas Rusev (tel +359888868070), who speak good English. Ruse drivers are generally FAR more honest than Bucharest ones.

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Starting March 30, 2015, a new direct service from the airport of Otopeni in Bucharest to Ruse Avtogara (with stopovers at IKEA - in the north of Bucharest - and Piata Unirii - in the center of Bucharest) has started operations. Its brand name is Rusexpress ( and it runs three times a day/ seven days a week. Phone numbers: Bulgaria +359 876 475 315 (bulgarian only) and Romania +40 748 760 647 (romanian and english).