What’s not for the family to love in the Black Hills of Custer County? There are numerous places to hike and bike, and plenty of attractions for the whole family that include an old time steam locomotive that lets you experience the main form of transportation that took visitors to the region 120 years ago. The 1880 Train runs day from Hill City and Keystone from May until October, and reservations are recommended.

After riding on a period train from yesterday, head back to the Stone Age… or at least the animated version of the Flintstone’s Bedrock City. This includes a theme park and campground that will let you feel like you’re visiting Fred and Barney.

There are also numerous ways of seeing the unique wildlife of the Black Hills including Bear Country USA, which is a three-mile drive-through wildlife park that features various North American bears and other animals as they roam in their natural habitat. After a drive through of the park, you can take an additional walking tour to see bear cubs, wolf pups and other animals up close.

And there is also nearby Custer State Park, a 71,000-acre park that is home to America’s largest bison herds. Visitors can pull along side the road and see the majestic animals as they graze and travel across the vast open space. There is also fishing, swimming, hiking and camping throughout the numerous resorts within the park.