For late-night breakfast, try the Camellia Grill on Carrollton Ave.  It is the place to go for huge amounts of food, especially if you've been to the Rock n Bowl.   The Camellia Grill is open all day (8am to 2 am) and is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You may have to wait awhile for space at the counter at lunch time, especially when the students from Loyola and Tulane are in town.


Other late night options include Port O Call, located at 838 Esplanade; and Angeli's located at 1141 Decatur.   Port O Call is a cross between a bar/pub and restaurant.  Best known for their 8oz burgers served with baked poatoes the size of softballs, they also serve steaks and salads.   They open at 11am and stay open till 2.  Kitchen stays open till about 1am.  Unless you are the first person outside at 11am, be prepared to wait, especially for a table.  If you don't mind sitting at the bar, the wait is usually short.

 Angeli's, open till 3am, serves food till 1am.  They have a varied menu, but serve more pizza than anything.  There is a long list of options available.  Full bar and often you'll be lucky enough to get some live music, as well.