A fun place to nightclub is Frenchmen Street  in the Faubourg Marigny , just downriver from the French Quarter.  That is where locals go to catch some of the best New Orleans musicians.    If you are lucky, Ellis Marsalis (Wynton’s Dad) will be playing at Snug Harbor, if not, someone else good will be.  Arrive early or pre-book to be sure you get in.  Also check out the scene at the Spotted Cat. No cover, but don’t forget to tip the band.  Cafe Brazil and DBA are great for dancing.  After a month of exile because of Katrina, the levee failure, and damaged houses; a night out on Frenchmen Street proved that the rebirth of the beloved city was beginning to happen.

Some have said that the street is similiar to Haight in San Francisco with a "grunge factor".  This is part of the charm of Frenchmen.  It is a real place not Creole Disneyland.

Another well known artist who performs at Snug Harbor every Monday night is Charmaine Neville from the Neville famly.  Ellis Marsalis plays on Fridays.