Perhaps the proudest of all restaurants when New Orleans was named Fattest City in the U.S. was Mother's, whose overstuffed, mountain-size po' boys absolutely helped contribute to the results. It has long lines and a most typically New Orleans atmosphere (which is to say, humble, in the best way) and dining room (the "new" dining room is spiffier, if you care about such things), but who cares when faced with a Famous Ferdi Special -- a giant roll filled with baked ham (the homemade house specialty), roast beef, gravy, and debris (the bits of beef that fall off when the roast is carved)? There's other food, including one of the best breakfasts in the city, but the po' boys are what New Orleans goes for, and you should, too. Mother's is within walking distance of the Louisiana Superdome and a number of major hotels. Be sure to allow time to stand in line, as there nearly always is one, though it can move quickly.