Monkey Business InstituteMadison hosts a top-notch variety of artistic performances. Proud home to the new Overture Center thanks to a $50 million donation from Jerome Frautschi, which later was added on to become a whopping $250 million. Natives of Madison and anyone who appreciate the arts are incredibly thankful for this donation as it has allowed a state of the art theater to host nightly performances and is home to the Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. The Overturen now also encompasses what used to be the Civic Center Theater and it  hosting winter's annual performance of the Nutcracker. It is eaily accessed from State Street. Just a few streets away and notably smaller, yet not in character, is the Bartell theater which is an intimate setting for comedies and dramas alike.  If you want to laugh and eat like a local, head down to the Glass Nickel Pizza East where local talent, the Monkey Business Institute, perform their improv comedy show every Saturday night.

Live music is always available in Wisconsin's captial whether it be from classics by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra or the many live bands in the city's array of restaurants, clubs, and breweries. The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra performs all year round and is perhaps best known for its free Wednesday " Concerts on the Square" series running through summer. There is also a city opera group and ballet troupe.

Those interested in dinner theater should be sure to reserve a night at the FireSide Dinner Theater just outside of Madison and Shakespeare lovers should not miss a performance at the American Players outdoor, round theater, also just outside Madison.