Madison is a crossroads of diversity. Despite what many may conjure of
Midwestern culture, Madison goes against the grain and thrives with
liberal ideas and freedom of expression. The University of Wisconsin
brings a level of high intelligence to much of the city's population as
well as a large number of foreigners. Even those with no affiliation to
the University at all still take pride in the Badger culture and
partake in festivities such as football tail-gaiting which in this city extends
to numerous streets being overtaken by drinking celebrators. Speaking
of drinking, it's true that beer is incredibly important to Madisonians.
The city features a number of breweries and the UW's Union Terrace is
basically a little jaunt to Germany in tribute to the city's first and
original culture. Der Rathskellar bar in the Union serves an array of
draught choices where students and non-students alike order pitchers to 
sip back while enjoying the view of the ake and listening to local

Despite the beer drinking and cheese-eating tendencies of Madison
natives; the city's people are active and can be seen jogging, biking,
water and cross-country skiing, boating, snowshoeing all over the city.
The people are active and friendly. Expect people to say "hi" to you on
the street here; whether they are in a business suit or covered in
tattoos and wearing a tattered shirt. Perhaps this is one of the
reasons why Madison has won just about every award under the sun including "#1 Best Place to Live " awarded by Money Magazine in 1998.