A must view attraction for travellers in Kampot is the famous Bokor Mountain retreat built by ,the French can  be easily organized through your hotel or guest house. You will be picked up by a truck with guide. Word of warning: the road is not paved and is in terrible condition. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the top. There will be at least one rest stop before you reach the top but the restrooms have been long padlocked so you will have to make do in the bushes. Once you reach the top you will be greeted by a spectacular vista.  The mountain is 1,101 metres above sea level and on a clear day you can see Southern Cambodia and the Vietnamese Island Phu Quoc.

The resort was built by the French in the 20's with old abandoned buildings, church, casino and various other abandoned ruins. The Matt Dillon film, "City of Ghosts" and the Korean horror-war film "R-Point" were filmed here.  Excellent photo opportunities abound, on a mist covered day the place is a very eerie experience. You can stay overnight in the Ranger's station for a small fee. This is recommended. Be sure to bring food rations and arrange for your guest house to pick you up the next day.

Legend has it that there is an elephant roaming the area; tigers have been sighted in the past -- locals say there is two tigers in the general area of the mountains.