Page is an all year destination city unless you are coming to swim in the lake. Hot, hot, hot in the summer with warm spring and fall seasons, Page's winter is a temperate one ranging at the coldest times in the 40s and at times reaching below zero, making swimming not a real treat. But for those who enjoy the Arizona sun pounding down during the winter months, many travel at this time especially to avoid the intense summer heat.

Summer in Page gets extremely hot, regularly climbing in the 90s and occasionally in the 100s. When comparing to many other cities in Arizona however, Page does not get nearly as hot. Yet, those affected by extreme heat will not want to plan their trip at this time. It is also extremely dry which is something many need to consider. In all cases, sunscreen, sunhats, and sunglasses are necessary while you are in Page.

To get the happy medium, come to Page in spring in fall when the weather is in the low 70s but there is still plenty of sun. That is the great attribute of the city's weather, plenty of sunshine all year round!