A not-to-be-missed natural wonder, one that's never crowded: City of Rocks State Park is a couple of miles off of US Hwy 180, about 29 miles southeast of Silver City (which puts it mid-way between Silver and Deming). Their website can be viewed here. City of Rocks is a sort of natural Stonehenge, with huge boulders made from volcanic ash deposited there about 30 million years ago. There's a road that cirles most of the park so you don't even have to get out of your car-- but it's hard to resist climbing on and in between the rocks, and you're encouraged to do so. There are 10 full-hookup RV spaces out in the open, but what's more interesting are the 50-odd minimally-developed campsites scattered among the rocks: you have to look hard to find some of them-- more privacy than you normally expect in any park that offers camping. There's a volunteer-staffed visitor center, a cactus garden, and an observatory (check the park website for info on upcoming star parties).

There's also the Santa Rita copper mine, the oldest active copper mine in the Southwest. There is a viewing area on NM152, a few miles north of US Hwy 180. Frankly, it's a *big* hole in the ground and after looking at it for a few minutes, it's time to move on.

The Catwalk, a suspended walkway in the Gila National Forest, is also pretty cool. You can read all about it here.