Fairbanks is not the best place for large-scale retail shopping, but there are good places to go for souvenirs and smaller, local ware. The Co-op Plaza downtown is a fair-sized emporium of boutiques. Most stores, however, are not very clustered.

If you want one-stop shopping, try Fred Meyer or Wal-Mart, both of which have groceries as well as household items, clothing and sporting equipment. Most things will be more expensive than in the contiguous 48 states, especially produce, dairy products and other things that are obviously imported. For slightly cheaper produce, try Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market on College Road, where people also sell canned and baked goods such as bread, cake and jam.

There are several good gift shops. The Knotty Shop on Old Rich Highway has many handmade gifts that reflect the unique culture of the Northwest. New Horizons Gallery at 519 First Avenue has a large selection of local artwork and sculptures, while the Great Alaskan Bowl Company on Airport Way focuses more on carved wood pieces, many of which are unique and very creative. Also try Arctic Travelers Gift Shop on Cushman Street for Native American crafts if you are looking for something authentic to bring back home.

For gifts that hint at Alaska’s Gold Rush past, visit A Touch of Gold on Airport Way, Alaskan Gold Rush Fine Jewelry at 531 Second Avenue or Alaskan Prospectors on College Road.