Fredericksburg is a college town , home to the University of Mary Washington. It has lots of local artists, painters and musicians. There is always some type of band playing in a local bar/restaurant and many places to go and look at or buy local artist's works. 

There are many unique shops, mainly on Caroline Street. It is home as well to Carl's Ice Cream, a well known place that usually draws long lines in the summertime. 

Fredericksburg has many historical buildings, and you can stop at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center and get information on tours of certain places. There is a carriage ride tour and trolley ride tour as well. Fredericksburg sits right by the Rappahannock River and there are places for kayacking, tubing and fishing. Please contact a local authority such as, Rappahonnack River Outfitters, or someother place that would be able to tell you more about the Rappahannock River. It has many places that are dangerous when you are not aware of debris in the water, drop offs..etc. 

In the spring, pear blossoms line Caroline street and in the winter white lights adorn the trees. There is a parade in the winter, fireworks for the 4th of July along with a large celebration, usually at one or two of the many local parks.