The train station at Fredericksburg consists of 2 side platforms.  There is no indoor station waiting area (it's a restaurant open only in the afternoons/evenings) and no bathroom.  As a general rule, if you're headed north (to DC and beyond), your train will leave from the platform furthest from the restaurant.  Both track sides have covered waiting areas but they will not keep out cold or rain.  There are several self-serve kiosks where you can use a credit card to purchase or validate tickets.  The station is not manned; barely-intelligible announcements will periodically come over a loudspeaker announcing some (but not all) train arrivals or delays.  This station serves Amtrak and VRE trains and you can find those schedules on the respective web sites.  VRE trains are intended to be commuter trains, so they stop at every station and the journey takes a little longer.  There are no bathrooms or meals/drinks for sale on board.  They run at times convenient to business people and are generally full of those going to and from work.  They are cheaper than the Amtrak trains, which are more comfortable, have bathrooms and food/drinks for sale.  Amtrak trains also run at times more convenient to those on vacation.  They are more expensive; however, several types of VRE tickets (ie. 5-day passes) will allow you to purchase a $3 "step up" ticket and ride an Amtrak train instead.   There is a Fredericksburg Station parking map on the VRE website, although it is confusing.  Parking is extremely limited, not entirely safe, and spread across 6 different lots with multiple restrictions.  However, there is a 4-deck parking garage 1 block away at Caroline and Wolfe streets that is free for the first 3 hours, $1/hour after that and a maximum of $8 per day.