Vancouver, Washington is located in a perfect location for outdoor recreation. No matter what the season this area is a playground for activity. The summers offer lake fun and great golf courses while the winter brings in ski and snowboard fans. Hikers and walkers love the region as there is an abundance of walking trails, plenty of lush forests, and superb fresh air.  

Hikers can enjoy some challenging terrain. The Gifford Pinchot National Forest offers various levels of trails. Also, near Mount St. Helens is the Monitor Ridge; this advanced trail leads you to breathtaking views from the summit. This trail is truly for the advanced hikers so make sure to get adequate information before pursuing it.

One can still enjoy the great outdoors without bulking up in hiking gear. Easier trails line the region for walking and discovering the miles and miles of natural beauty. One of the favorite trails is the Waterfront Renaissance Trail  which is 4 miles long and leads you along the Columbia River, to picnic areas, and back to downtown. Another favorite is the Discovery Loop Trail which is a bit shorter at just over 2 miles around. The trail will bring you by Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and other several other monuments. Check with the city's  parks and recreation site for a full listing of walking trails.  

Golfing is a very popular sport in this area and the landscape only makes it all the more enjoyable. There are so many courses you'll never be able to test them all during your stay; visit the Vancouver tourist board's listing of golf courses for more information.

In the warm months windsurfing and fishing are also big activities to partake in the Columbia River, smaller streams, and nearby lakes.

Once the winter arrives it is officially ski and snowboard season. Vancouver is located only an hour away from Mt. Hood which has three major ski resorts: Skibowl, Timberline, and Mt. Hood Meadows