Savannah offers dining options to suit any taste and any mood, although sea food is one of the most popular offerings.  For those seeking a classy, modern restaurant with gourmet seafood, The Sapphire Grill on Congress Street is a great option, albeit a bit pricey.  For a less expensive dining experience with a unique Savannah twist, there is The Olde Pink House on Abercorn Street - this restaurant is located in a n 18th century mansion, and it is said that the builder's ghost still haunts the mansion!


Some visitors to Savannah want to visit landmarks mentioned in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  Clary's Cafe, also on Abercorn St, was made famous by this book and is a great place to go for breakfast (it also serves lunch) - also be sure to try the malted milkshakes!  The food is good and the staff is very friendly.  Despite the tourist attraction aspect, plenty of locals frequent this coffee shop too (for those travelers who want to avoid what seem to be tourist-only spots).  The Pirates' House Restaurant was home to Emma Kelly (pianist in Midnight) for approx. 10 years and still has her piano on display in the old Jazz Club.  The building is known for being frequented by pirates in the late 1700s, and is supposedly haunted by many spirits now.  The lunch buffet is outstanding, it offers many Southern temptations and you don't have to fight the crowds you would at another local hot spot :) 


There are also the ubiquitous chains, some unique to the South - Popeye's Chicken , Church's Chicken, and the Waffle House are a few examples.  These can be found all over Savannah and are sure to satisfy your craving for grease (for very little money!).  The customizable hash browns at Waffle House are a favorite of mine.