Savannah is a dream for those who love to walk. The historic district is approximately 2.5 square miles of beautiful homes, gardens and park squares canopied within the amazing oak trees covered in spanish moss. It is easy to navigate in a city designed on a perfect grid perpendicular to the Savannah River lined by River Street. That is the northern boarder of town. Its a great starting place especially if you are thirsty before starting a good walk. If you go to the center of River Street which is just below the big gold dome (City Hall) next to the Hyatt, that is 00/00. Facing the river, your right hand is east and your left is west. That is precisely how the streets work, 000-500E and 000-500W. Now turn around and walk directly up the steps or take the elevator to Bay Street and walk down Bull Street. That is the center of town heading south. If you are really ambitious you can get to Florida in about a day on foot but that is the only time other than going to the beach I will recommend a car. Savannah's downtown area is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States with so much to miss in car. Save the fuel, you don't need it.

The best way to navigate through the Savanah Historic district in on dot. dot is Savannah’s fare-free Downtown Transportation system.

The dot gets you where you want to go, when you need to get there,in and around Savannah’s beautiful Historic District. Swing through Downtown aboard the Express Shuttle.

 • Ride the rails on the historic River Street Streetcar. 

 • Hop on the Ferry to Hutchinson Island and the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center.

 • It’s how to leave your car parked while keeping your “get-around” options open.

 So whenever you visit downtown, connect on the dot – it’s fun, fast, and free!

 Express Shuttle 

• Every 20 minutes or less
• Serving 11 stops around the Historic District

• Connecting to municipal parking facilities, Visitor Centers, Streetcar and Ferry

• Operating 7 days a week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

• ADA-Accessible

River Street Streetcar

• Thursday-Sunday - 12noon - 9pm

• Authentic 1930s Melbourne
• 54-passenger streetcar updated with environmentally-friendly green technology 

• Six stops along Historic River Street between Montgomery St. & the Waving Girl Landing

• ADA-Accessible

Savannah Belles Ferry

• Modern passenger-only ferries, reminiscent of vessels seen in the harbor a century ago

• Named for Savannah’s “Belles”— strong women who shaped the city’s history

• Connecting downtown with Hutchinson Island and the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center

• Operating 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to midnight

• From Trade Center Landing
(on Hutchinson Island adjacent to the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort) to
• City Hall Landing below City Hall adjacent to Hyatt Regency Hotel

• Waving Girl Landing in Morrell Park adjacent to the Marriott Riverfront Hotel 

Another mode of transportation is the Pedicab, (912) 232-7900. This is “tips for trips” baby! Most of the friendly cabbies are art students or guys/gals looking to stay in shape while making a few as they cruise town. Again at slow speeds like this (unless you got a real stud) you can’t beat the view. Enjoy some good conversation and feel good that you probably paid for a new sketch pad and some pencils. “Picasso?”, probably not, but its still cool to support a dream on your way to your next meal or historic site. 

The trolly tours are great for both site seeing and transportation. Old Town, Oglethorpe  and Gray Line all have on-off privileges until at 5:30 at areas around town. This is a great way to go if you want to shop and site see simultaneously. Old Savannah Tours now offers a shuttle to and from Tybee Island and the beaches. This is the one time you will need that car of yours. The beach is a 15 minute drive away. But before soaking in the sun you could stop at Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski and the beautifully restored Tybee Light House.

After 5:30 look into one of the various carriage rides. Its not necessarily public transportation but they have been known to give you a romantic ride to dinner for a small fee :)

There are cabs floating around town. They are more accessible in the evening. Sometimes tough to spot one Mon-Wed. If you really need one, go to City Market, outside the Hyatt on the Bay Street side or if you are in the center of the historic district, go to the Desoto Hilton on Bull and Liberty Streets.

If you are driving into town on a busy weekend like the St. Patrick’s day festival, a good bet is to park on Hutchinson Island at the Savannah Convention center and Westin Savannah Harbor Resort, then take the water taxi. Cost: $10 per vehicle per day; includes one round-trip water taxi ticket. Additional water taxi passes are $2 per person (this is all the time). Hours: 8 a.m.-1 a.m. through Saturday. If you stay at the Westin, the water taxi is free.