Savannah is the “ Hostess City of the South” for sure. The Historic District is as safe as any place, but like all cities you’ll hear some stories. Use some common sense, as you would any place you visit. Savannahians have their standards and may indulge you in at least a half hour conversation about this subject, but in general you shouldn't worry. During the day, Savannah is as charming, friendly and serene as you could expect, although at night, things have been known to be a little wild.

River Street, particularly during festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, can play host to some uncontrollable moments. Masses of people and a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere brings out the best (or at least the rowdiest) in folks. So on a “big” night, it's not a bad idea to keep children away from the river area. On any other night, however, you can enjoy the serenity of the Savannah flowing under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge with the tugs and ferry boats dodging the freighter ships as you wish.

Know your limits: it is clearly obvious in Savannah when you are in a part of town you're not supposed to be. In general, 300 West and East and then as far south as the end of Forsyth Park (Park St.) is crime free. During July and August the locals sit on their porches having a drink and try to figure out how to get central air into their old historic homes, but at other times, Savannah is easily travelable.

If you are going as far south as Elisabeth on 37th for nice dinner, get a ride from your hotel or take a cab -- it’s too far into questionable territory to walk. (Besides, if you're going there, you or your lady should be wearing high heels!) You can’t go too far anywhere in the Historic District without seeing a police officer on bicycle, foot or horse back.

All great comments - Savannah is a very walkable city - and in the evening hours a 'pedicab' is a very stylish way to get around conveniently and inexpensively.  Forsyth Park is entirely safe - and yes past the South end of Forsyth Park it does get a bit odd.  There is no reason to walk anywhere South of Forsyth Park 

 in this wonderful city,the  locals know where to go and where not to, but  the downtown precinct is one of the safest in the county. No one wants any visitors. Or residents either. To be bothered or a victim of crime.  Stay in the area from east broad,now MLK, to west broad. And the river to Anderson. Although there are several wonderful resturants on habersham street. Out of these parameters . the police  are visible and helpful and collective safety is their number one concern.  If you are out very late remember. The squares get dark but are very safe and usually homeless free. And usually there are 10,000 or so SCAD students. Centered in the downtown area along with the thousans of people who actually live in all those wonderful homes facing the squares.