Whether you want to tour Savannah's neighborhoods for pure enjoyment or for real estate purposes, the venture will be a  scenic one. Buyers will have a difficult time deciding on the historic center of the city or the nearby islands.

Savannah's Historic District is full of beautiful residential homes and new condominiums that respect the original style of the city's Colonial look. This area encompasses 2.5 square miles, all of which are charming and thus inspire tourist walks all year-round.   Don't overlook the palms in the mix of Savannah's landscapes and the world-famous Forsyth Park neighborhood, central to colonial Savannah's garden district. 

The closest neighborhood to the historic district is the Victorian District which is also full of beautiful 2 and 3 storey homes that newcomers love to buy and renovate.

The area's first suburb was Ardsley Park, built up in 1911. Today this area is the trendspot for young professionals residing in Savannah. This neighborhood, like the others has beautiful mansions to gawk at but is also home to more realistic, family-style bungalow homes as well.  

There are several islands that remain a part of the city. Tybee Island has miles of beachfront properties on the Atlantic, although it is slightly away from the city by 18 miles.

As its name implies, Isle of Hope is terribly charming and has some of the most beautiful residential properties in Savannah. Isle of Hope is home to many Southern style cottages with picket-fences, a picturesque place to call home.