You don't have to be an architect know-it-all to enjoy building after building in Savannah. Anyone will appreciate the fine beauty and perfect example of Southern charm through design while walking from square to square. Speaking of squares, there are 24 of them in the historic district, the largest being Johnson square.

The city is more than 250 years old and many original buildings still exist and even a lot that are newer, play respect to the original style as to keep a congurent look. Houses are amonst the favorite architectural wonders in Savannah. The Sorrel Weed house is a state landmark; its design by Charles Clusky is in the Greek Revival style. If the design of this house really intrigues you, perhaps a candlelight tour with haunted tales will be an attraction you should consider to find out more of the house's history.

The Isaiah Davenport House and Museum has been up since 1820 and plays more on American architecture, the "Federalist" design also known as the "Adam" style. Although the design was started by a Scottish architect in England, it remains a true example of the Americana look from the 1800s. As for English architecture, it is represented by the Owens-Thomas Museum. This gorgeous building's facade shows off the elegant look of English Regency style. These are just a few of the many beautiful homes that tourists and locals appreciate daily. The Green-Meldrim house built in 1853 is considered the finest example of  southern  gothic in  America and is list Ed on bothe the National register and the National landmark.

Aside from homes there are many gorgeous churches to appreciate as well. The Church of St. John the Baptist's cathedral draws tourists to gawk at it's beautiful interior.

Savannah is also home to the Fort Pulaski National Monument, not quite the beauty and splendor of a Southern home, the monument is living tribute to the Civil War and its veterans. Guided tours and educational programs are available to heighten this historical experience.

No matter what area you focus on in Savannah, just keep your eyes open because the every step you take throughout the city shows off its unique style.