Some key points of interest in Savannah related to Paula Deen:

If you don’t know who Paula is, she’s a famous Food Network personality and a famous entrepreneur in Savannah , Georgia .   She has a restaurant in the Historic District called The Lady & Sons ( 102 W Congress Street ).   It is a definite hot spot in Savannah , so you should plan ahead to eat there.   But be warned the lines are long and some of the food is quite greasy.  (But do try the green beans, fried chicken, and gooey chocolate butter bar - they are AMAZING!)  She also has another restaurant with her brother, Bubba, called Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House .   It is located on Turners Creek at 104 Bryan Woods Road .  

Old Savannah Tours offers an official Paula Deen tour .   By going on the tour you can get your fill of Paula while seeing a lot of Savannah at the same time.   Of course there is no guarantee you'll actually see Paula because she's a very busy lady these days, but you will hear some great stories about her and her life.  Your tour guide will show you some actual places Paula visits on her shows, her new and old restaurant buildings, her previous residences in Savannah , and even the church where she got married on the Food Network.  This tour is for young and old alike as everyone will enjoy hearing the stories about this amazing woman who overcame so much to get where she is today.  Lunch at her brother Bubba's restaurant (Uncle Bubba's Oyster House) is even included in the tour.  You also get a cute little goodie bag with some nice surprises in it.

If you’d rather visit some of the places Paula frequents on your own, here are a couple spots you should look into:

Polk’s Fresh Market - 530 East Liberty Street – They sell fresh produce and flowers along with lots of canned items such as salsa, jams, and jellies.   Paula got a lot of her produce from here when she ran “The Bag Lady” service from her old home.  

Byrd Cookie Company - 6700 Waters Avenue – Paula has visited this company on her show.   You can sample cookies and even see them being made.