Baltimore is home to many authors and is the setting for still many more books.   Baltimore Blues is a mystery novel set in the city, written by Laura Lippman, a Baltimore native who has written several mysteries.  The story details the adventures of an ex-reporter who is paid by a friend to tail his suspicious fiancee.  The novel is part of Lippman's larger series, the Tess Monaghan Mysteries, all books included in which are set in the city.  The book is available at most book stores and on

For reading about the city and its more famous residents, Billie's Blues:  The Billie Holiday Story by John Chilton, tells the tale of the tragic life and death of famous American Jazz singer and Baltimore native Billie Holliday.  And Cal:  A Tribute to an American Hero, put out by England's York Daily Record, tells the story of legendary Baltimore Orioles baseball shortstop Cal Ripken.