If you are going to Gettsyburg, you should know that the extent of the performing arts does not begin and end with re-enactments of the battle. The newly renovated Majestic Theater on Carlisle Street, just a few steps from the square, is amazing.  It is owned and operated by Gettysburg College with cooperation from various organization throughout Adams County.  There are a number of live performances ranging from musicals to one-person acts on stage year-round.  There are also some smaller theater companies in and around the town.

The best-known "show" in Gettysburg, however, is the  Battle of Gettysburg re-enactment. To sit on the side and watch the re-enacted battle, you would think you were actually witnessing the battle taking place in 1863. The soldiers don't just run around and shoot each other left and right; the battle is carefully planned and choreographed so as to be a good portrayal of the events of 1863. All the roles are played tastefully and respectfully by enthusiastic Civil War re-enactors, history buffs who are carefully screened and actually pay a small fee before being allowed to participate in this event.

There are also other historically-oriented events that go on throughout the town. At many of the smaller museums and shops in and around the town, there are smaller performances that go on. These are great treats for families with children. Not only do you get entertained, but you learn something as well. This is a great way to spend your day, weekend, or week if you plan to go on a vacation.

If you like dinner theater, catch a show at The Gettysburg Civil War Era Dinner Theater. The area's only year-round dinner theater. The food is good and the show is entertaining.