In all honesty, Gettysburg does not have much of a nightlife. Now, this is not saying that there is no drinking in the town or that nothing happens, but on the scale of large cities with big nightlife, this small town comes no where near in comparison. That adds to the charm of the town, however. There are bars and pubs in the town, but they are small and friendly community watering holes, not large clubs that you would find in a city. Because Gettysburg College hosts a lot of students who like to let lose, there are often good deals on certain days of the week for drinks, as well as a fun atmosphere. On Tuesday nights in some bars you can get $2 pitchers of beer. There are shows that come through the town occasionally, and some musical acts that visit the college, but otherwise it is just another small town with a lot of tourism. Because there are so many hotels in the area, the hotels often will have live entertainment in the lounges, but they won't play past midnight usually. On weekends they will obviously be out later. Again, most of the attractions of Gettysburg take place during the day, so at night the people go to sleep and prepare for another busy day.