Gettysburg is a very small town, and though it has grown quite a bit since the battle took place in 1863, it still has an old-timey feel to it. The community is very close knit, and because of both its land mass and population, there isn't really a need for a public transit authority on a large scale. There are no subways, trams, or large scale bus operations that run through the town. Although it is the county seat of Adams County, it is a small rural community that is lacking large industrial complexity. Although there are some services for both elderly and disabled residents, there isn't much in the way for transit for visitors. However, because the town is small, this isn't much of a problem. You can either walk, ride a bike, or drive from spot to spot, and this can be done with relative ease. The only thing you'd need to take into account is that there might be a lot of other tourists visiting who are doing the same thing. You can rent a car from several locations in the surrounding area. You could also call a taxi if you needed to, but seeing as how the town is small and much of the sights are in the same general area, this is most likely an unnecessary thing to do. You should have no trouble getting around Gettsyburg as is.