Bartram's Garden was the first botanical garden and commercial nursery in the United States. The property consists of Bartram's historic home, a central garden area and a series of woodland paths, some of which border the nearby river. There are numerous unusual and old trees on the property. When in the garden property one would have no idea one was in the middle of the city. It is a quiet and scenic property. There is  a small giftshop on site. On weekends the garden sometimes has special events, for example talks on the history of greenhouses in America or demonstraitons of a potter making flower pots in historical style.

The garden is located near the edge of Philadelphia in a part of the city that is industrialized and also contains residential/businesses and public housing. One can get to the garden via the "trolly", a train car that starts out underground but then emerges away from downtown and acts as a streetcar from there. The garden's website contains directions ( It is about one block to the garden from the nearest trolly stop.

Foster C.