Coupeville is an historic Whidbey Island town with many buildings dating from the mid to late 1800s.  There is excellent shopping along Front Street near Penn Cove.  (Penn Cove is also the site of a well-known mussel farm where the shellfish are grown on ropes dangling from rafts in the cove. Penn Cove mussels are highly prized among gourmet restaurants along the west coast.)

At the visitors' center at the corner of Alexander and Front Street you can get brochures detailing a walking tour of the town which has many well preserved and maintained Victorian era houses. The center also has brochures describing the National Park Service Unit (Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve) which surrounds Coupeville and which is charged with preserving the historical nature of this area. The vistas and beaches within the reserve are a short drive from the town of  Coupeville and are uncrowded, pristine and beautiful. Also nearby is Fort Casey State Park containing, in addition to scenic views, the Admiralty Head Lighthouse and old coast artillery gun emplacements.

For a closer view of the water in Penn Cove, kayaks are available in the Coupeville area. It's also a great place to ride your bicycle around the town sites of interest to you.  Coupeville also is the site of the Island County Historical Society Museum containing exhibits and information about the early days on Whidbey Island.