It’s Easy to Get Around!

If you’re staying downtown, you can walk to a few sights and some nice shops and restaurants (check out the National City Second Street Public Market Thursday through Sunday for example). The streets are arranged in a grid pattern and if you have a simple map (usually free in any hotel) you’ll do just fine. To explore other sights, however, you’ll probably want your own car (though there is a comprehensive bus/trolley system serving Dayton and Montgomery County).  For door to door service, taxicabs are available by calling 1800 Taxi cab, Aircity cab, Dayton yellow Cab (in operation since 1929) or checkers Cab.

For the must-sees outside of the central city, you’ll have no problem navigating. Traffic in the Miami Valley is mild compared to other cities and most sites (Air Force Museum, local parks, etc.) are a quick drive from downtown hotels.