Dayton, Ohio has a rich history of American inventors. Founded along the Miami River in 1796 by Israel Ludlow, the city's location is ideal for natural power and for trade. The city's name was to honor a war hero by the name of Jonathan Dayton.

Its location was definitely taken advantage of when America was defending against British Troops coming in through Canada in 1812. The war, as with many early American cities, got Dayton's industries booming. Tobacco and textile factories really prospered because of the World Wars as well.

Dayton is perhaps best known as the "birthplace of aviation" as it was home to the inventing genius duo, the Wright brothers. The brothers ran a bike and print shop in town quite successfully but their true passions lie in engineering and aerodynamics. They invented the world's first flying mobile.

A less celebrated moment in history was credited to natural disaster. In 1913 a horrendous flood destroyed a large amount of the city. But resolve was quick and organized and the city was restored rather quickly.

Dayton also boasts being the first city in the U.S. to use a the government system "commission-manager". This system is still in use at present.