The Dayton International Peace Museum is a one-of-a-kind Museum experience.  Housed in a 19th century 3-story Victorian mansion, the building alone is worth a visit, with its gracefully curving stairways and carved oak doors. Even the hinges on the doors deserve a look. But that's far from all there is to see at this charming museum.  They have an entire room devoted to the "Golden Rule" as it is expressed in all the major world religions. Add to that, permanent exhibits on Nobel Peace Laureates,  United Nations Humanitarian Agencies, Hiroshima/Nagasaki and the the Holocaust, plus frequently changing special exhibits covering a wide range of humanistic subjects like Nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution, History of Peace Movements, World Hunger, Freedom in oppressed societies, Environmental themes, even Peace Art created by local and international school children, and you can spend hours in this place and still want to come back for the treasures you missed. Whatever day you visit, you're also likely to be inspired by the activities of devoted volunteers as they plan or implement community events and educational programs to spread peace beyond the walls of the country's only active Peace Museum.  A definite must-see for any peace-loving traveler to Dayton!