Karaoke is a fun, audience-based entertainment that allows anyone to get up on a stage and sing.

Background music is provided while the lyrics play on a video screen.  No special talent is required, and once you get up there, you're hooked!

Whether you prefer a nightclub, restaurant, or dive bar atmosphere, Ventura offers many choices for karaoke singers:



  • Paddy's (Alternative Lifestyle Nightclub)  -  WED, 9pm 
  • Sans Souci  (Dive Bar)  -  MON, 10pm
  • Star Lounge  (Dive Bar)  -  THURS, 8pm


  • Golden China Restaurant  (Restaurant/Nightclub) - (7 DAYS), 9pm


  • Gigi's Cocktail Lounge (Dive Bar)  -  SUN, 7pm
  • O'Leary's Sidebar (Bar)  -  WED, 9pm
  • The Garage (Dive Bar)  -  WED, 9pm
  • Tony's Keynote (Dive Bar) - WED, 8:30pm

Karaoke schedules are often subject to change without notice.  Always call the venue to confirm.  Happy Singing!