El Paso has some real hidden treasures that will delight everyone.  From horse racing at Sunland Park, to wineries tucked into lush pecan groves.  Take a drive up the valley on Highway 28 to visit two world class wineries offering tours and tastings.  Along the way you'll see an Alpaca farm, polo fields and art galleries.  End up in Old Mesilla for great dining .

  For outdoor enthusiasts and rock hounds, drive west to Kilboun Hole, a crater formed by a magma bubble, where you can find green peridot crystals and good hiking.  Tip - don't go in the heat of the summer!  El Paso also has Hueco Tanks and Franklin State Parks for hiking, mountain biking and history.

  When you're here, don't forget to visit the restaraunts and shops along Cincinatti street in Kern Place.  Even discriminating eaters will find something to satisfy their palettes.

  El Paso is a city of hidden gems, you might have to search for them, but they are worth it.  Don't let the suburban sprawl or the rougher looking areas put you off.  This is a safe city with many things to do and see.