Food: Ethnic Haitian

Food Quality: Excellent

Food Price: Cheap, great value

Food Portions: Plenty. 

Food Presentation: no frills 

Menu: Simple.  In English and Haitian, seafood, meat,  vegetarian could survive and love it, not spicy.  Haitian hot sauce on table.

Decor / Atmosphere:  a small place with no refinements.   Could put some people off.

Cliental: Lunchtime is predominantly Haitian cab drivers, Haitian and non-Haitian regulars

Service: Real people.  Good days & bad.  Sometimes nice and slow.  low key welcoming.

Who Should Eat Here: Those who love great ethnic food adventures over atmosphere.  Those who can handle a rough but welcoming environment, an acceptance of diversity 

Risk: Low

Something special to ask for:
Sauce poi Rouge (red sauce) <pronounced: sauce pwah rouge>, amazing over rice.   Not always available.  The green is also wonderful.