Greenwich Village, or " the Village" is one of New York's most enticing neighborhoods, behind the bright lights of Times Square and the hustle and bustle of Wall Street. Its history goes beyond that of New York City itself, also bearing the stories of the most influential of artists, authors and musicians.

Naturally, its residents needed places to find drinks. Some of New York's oldest bars have their home down in the Village.

In the East Village, you'll find the Old Town Bar, established in 1892. The Old Town is just two blocks from Union Square, a spot popular with everyone from artists to skateboarders. Down the street from the Old Town bar is Pete's Tavern is a bar even older, Pete's Tavern, which dates back to 1864. Finally, there is McSorley's Old Ale House.

 In the West Village is the White Horse tavern, which had its rise in the 50s during the coinciding rise of Bohemia, and was a second home to many of the most influential musicians and writers of the era. The Barrow Street Ale House is also in the West Village, which had previous lives as other businesses in the 19th and 20th centuries.