Honoring Mescalero Apache culture every year in May, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park hosts the Mescal Roast. Visitors can be acquainted with a culture that learnt to live in the desert of the Guadalupe Mountains and the surroundings of the Pecos River with the help of the Mescal. Mescal was so important to Apaches that Spanish colonizers called them Indian Mescaleros or mescal makers.

This four-day celebration begins when Apaches bless the pit where the mescal will be roasted. The main celebration takes place on the second and third day in the evening with a feast dinner and traditional performances that include Apache war dances and Mountain Spirit Dances. There is also a Mescalero Apache and native Chuhuahuan art sale. The celebration is a way to mantain a tradition alive and what visitors watch is a ritual ceremony and not just a re-enactments meant to intertain.

You can check out the website of the park for further information at http://www.nmparks.com .