Carlsbad’s extreme Summer temperatures hit the 100’s F in July. Expect lightning storms, they are a spectacle in themselves and they are not usually followed by rain. Winters are cold and temperatures can go as low as 28 F, it may even snow and drivers should be careful as roads may get iced. You may call (505) 885-1848 for updates of the weather conditions. The New Mexico Office of Tourism has a free number you can call (800) 432-4269.

Rain is minimal if not non-existent year round with some rain in August and September.

Perhaps the best months to visit Carlsbad are September to November when it is not so hot (although there may be some really hot days in the first two weeks of September) and yet not cold. Winter happens from one day to the other at some time around Thanksgiving.

When you enter the caves ay Carlsbad National Park, no matter how hot it is outside, take a light sweater as it feels cold mainy due the wet walls and the enclosed rocky spaces hwre there is no sunlight.