There’s nothing like beautiful San Diego weather.  Any time of the year is great for visiting and enjoying the near-perfect climate.  Temperatures peak around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer days, cooling off to about 65 at night.  Winter highs tend to be around 66 F during the day with lows near 50 F at night.  The city typically gets over 300 days of sunshine per year, making it a great spot for a beach vacation.  Bring cool clothes, sunglasses and a light jacket, and you’ll be all set to relax and soak up the sun during the summer months.

June through August are the most popular time for tourists to visit, and the beaches, hotels and roads can become crowded during the tourist peak.  If you want to avoid the crowds while still enjoying the warm weather, come in the spring or fall. Visiting in the fall, the weather is still summery enough to enjoy the beaches.

July brings around the San Diego Comic-Con, a very popular and highly attended convention held every year around mid-July.  The Gaslamp District in particular becomes flooded with tourists and attendees during this time.

During May and June you may experience the phenomena of "May gray" and "June gloom".  Typically this occurs when the coastal clouds hang in low along the coast and the sun doesn't shine through. It can remain gray all day, but often by noon the clouds will lift.  During those times you can often drive a few miles inland away from the ocean to find the sun.

Remember the winter months (November to March) are the rainy season here.  On the other hand, a "Santa Ana" condition can bring a few days of summer weather in the middle of January or February.

Always bring a light sweater (summer) or warm jacket (winter) because it's not humid and the ocean breeze keeps things relatively cool, especially at night.