Street Safety

As far as crime is concerned, San Diego is one of the safest big cities in the country, much safer than Los Angeles.  You won’t need a bodyguard to walk the streets, but you don’t want to leave valuables lying around unattended either.  The only real outstanding statistic is that it has over twice the national average of motor vehicle thefts, so be sure to lock your car doors and don’t leave valuables inside.  The San Diego Police can be contacted at 619-531-2000.

Don't jaywalk! Cops downtown LOVE to nail visitors. Minimum $168 fine - no, really. $168, and handed out with a gleam in the cops eye. Evidentially this happens all the time in downtown and in the gas lamp area.

Seaside Safety

Ocean safety should be a concern for those visiting the beaches, especially families with children.  Many drownings and similar emergencies happen each year in this area, which can be prevented with some basic caution and care.  Lifeguards are on duty at most major public beaches, but parents should still remember to watch children closely.

It gets very sunny here, so use sunscreen to avoid sunburn which can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation. Also be aware that just because it is hazy or overcast does not mean you do not need sunscreen. If anything, you will burn more on these days.

Overall, use common sense, relax, and enjoy a safe trip.