Thick slices of hot bacon, huge German pancakes, and fresh coffee with real cream are a few of the staples at the Original Pancake House.  In spring, during strawberry season, you can have fresh strawberry crepes.  The home-made corned beef hash is excellent as well.  The giant apple pancake is a specialty.

Weekends before noon are the most crowded time at the Original Pancake House.  You might have to wait an hour for your table on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  If you want to enjoy a delicious cholesterol-laden breakfast without the crowds, go during the weekday mornings Monday through Friday when there is no wait, or arrive for a late breakfast past noon any day.  (They close at 3:00 pm.)  Mother's Day and spring break mornings are also more crowded.

You will be seated at tables; there aren't any booths.  Food is consistently good, and servers and management are usually responsive if you have any complaints to voice; they want to please you.  Service can be harried when it is crowded. 

Everything is cooked in butter, which is the secret ingredient that makes it taste extra special. Egg-beaters aren't available, but they do offer scrambled egg-whites or omelettes can be ordered with egg-whites if you are watching your cholesterol. Freshly-squeezed orange juice can be ordered. The atmosphere is casual.

Original Pancake House on Convoy is located in a business area.  Parking is difficult from noon til 1:00 pm.  Parking is easier before 11:00 am and past 1:00 pm. Parking is free.