Balboa Park San Diego

Balboa Park in San Diego should definitely be on your list of things to do in San Diego! It offers not only beautiful gardens with lush flowers and a nice and relaxing atmosphere, but is also home of the San Diego Zoo and numerous Museums that you should check out.

Balboa Park Gardens:

  • if you like flowers and plants, check out the Botanical Garden (see picture above);
  • in case you prefer a more foreign fauna, check out the Japanese Garden, with its koy ponds, bamboo and bonsai trees;
  • if you want to see, how this place would look like without irrigation systems, visit the cactus garden;
  • and if you did not see enough plants, flowers and trees, just walk along the endless trails throughout the park. Some of them will let you forget that you are in the second largest city in California!
But of course, there is more in San Diego to see than just Balboa Park!

San Diego Zoo:

If you are traveling with kids and love animals, you should spend a day visiting the San Diego Zoo. Did you know that the San Diego Zoo is one of the largest in the US? It was also one of the first Zoos that tried to replicate the natural habitat of the animals to let them feel more at home in their enclosures. To take full advantage of the attractions and see all the species that live in the San Diego Zoo, you should spend at least 5-6 hours there. 

Balboa Park Museums:

Did you know that Balboa Park is home to 12 museums? Whether you want a fun and educational experience with your kids, are intersted in Art and Photography or want to learn about cultures, the museums at Balboa Park have it all! The best thing about it: You can even enjoy them for free! Yes, you read right! Every Tuesday night, some of the museums let you see their exhibits for free. They rotate their schedule, so check out the schedule before you plan your visit!  If you want to learn more about what the different museums at Balboa Park have to offer, read this article about the museums at Balboa Park!

Enjoy your visit in San Diego!