When people think of Topeka , Kansas , they often think of a relatively quiet Midwestern town where not a lot is happening.  But this isn’t the case.  In fact, one of the biggest annual events in the Topeka , Kansas area is one which reflects the great diversity of experiences of the people in the region.  That event is the Fiesta Mexicana festival which is put on by the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church to recognize the importance of the Mexican culture throughout the region.

The festival has been taking place for more than seventy years and so is an important part of the history of Topeka .  It includes food, entertainment and activities of various kinds for people of all ages.  For more information about this summer event, see http://olg-parish.org/fiesta/.

Other events which reflect the amazing diversity of this area include the Lake Shawnee Pow Wow ( http://www.washburn.edu/cas/art/cyoho... ) which is a traditional Native American spiritual and performing arts event, the Kansas Silent Film Festival ( http://www.kssilentfilmfest.org/ ) which honors the history of silent film throughout the world, and the Cider Days Fall Festival ( http://lcweb2.loc.gov/cocoon/legacies... ) which recognizes the pioneer history of the area.   Travelers interested in learning more about these and other Topeka events can get updated information at http://www.topix.net/events/topeka-ks .