The most popular sporting activity among Topeka travelers is actually a spectator sport: drag racing.  Visitors from all over make the time to visit Heartland Park Topeka ( which is home to several different race car courses, including a Grand Prix road course.  There are also numerous events hosted at the tracks throughout the year so visitors can go to enjoy those or they can just stop in to see what the race world is like.  More information is available on the official web page for the track:

Other spectator sports can also be enjoyed in Topeka .  The best place to go check out other spectator events is the ExpoCentre.  This venue hosts everything from the annual rodeo to the seasonal hockey games for the area.

Travelers who are interested in actually getting out and enjoying sports in the area will find that there is no lack of activity in Topeka .   The ExpoCentre is still the place to start, as there is an ice skating rink there open for use by the public.   Other activities include golf on any of the area’s nine courses, swimming in one of Topeka ’s public pools or enjoying lake activities at nearby Lake Shawnee .   Visitors can further explore their options by contacting the Topeka Parks and Recreation Department ( ) or the Kansas Recreation and Park Association ( ).