Because of the city’s long history, its architecture covers a range of eras, starting with the colonial period and stretching into the modern age.  From the colonial era, buildings of interest include the Old State House and the Paul Revere House.  From the Federal era, visit Faneuil Hall, an attraction for much more than just its remarkable architecture.  The Copley area offers the juxtaposition of notable Victorian era buildings, Trinity Church and Boston Public Library, and two unmistakable modern buildings, the Prudential and Hancock Place.  Also worth a peek and perhaps a few snapshots is the Moakley Courthouse, a courtroom facility erected in 1995.

 In residential areas, architecture varies from neighborhood to neighborhood.  However, Boston’s dense population has long been served by “double-deckers” and “triple-deckers,” which are two- and three-storey houses where more than one family lives.  These buildings color the neighborhoods of Dorchester, South Boston and Mattapan, and images of Boston streets have been promulgated by popular movies such as Good Will Hunting and Mystic River.