Fenway Park is the oldest Major League baseball park in the United States. Its small, intimate atmosphere really allows you to feel like you are "in the game." On a warm summer night there is nothing better than going to the park, sipping a beer and watching the game. The park is situated right in downtown Boston - so it is very accessible if you are visiting the area. Tickets to the game can be difficult to get, so check with your hotel concierge about getting tickets before heading over to the park.

Tip: Tickets sometimes open up 24-36 hours before game time, so you may want to try the Red Sox website once you are in town, or contact the box office directly.  In addition, the Red Sox permit lines to form for game day tickets - a limited number which are available - five hours prior to game time (though, some fans do camp out overnight for tickets to the most popular games, which is permitted).

Also, tickets are available at the Scalp Free Zone which is located on Landsdowne St.  Arrive an hour and a half before gametime and you can buy tickets at FACE VALUE (with no fees) from season ticket holders.  You must pay cash and you must go directly into the park.  It's one of Boston's best kept secrets.  It is easy to buy 2 or 4 tickets to the game with usually great seats!  Arrive early for the best choice of seats.  The Scalp Free Zone is run by the Red Sox and is totally legit.  Some people no longer buy tickets in advance when going to Fenway.