Asheville is rich in architectural styles and there are many examples of them available to be observed on a walking tour of Montford.  While in the most simple term it can be called Victorian, the examples of structures within that term are much more broad.

Montford, begun in earnest in 1889,  is the oldest residential neighborhood in Asheville.  The oldest house in that neighborhood can be viewed at 192 Elizabeth Place and is called The Rankin House.  While many of these homes were built in what is often referred to as the Victorian Period, the architectural contributors were diverse in approach.  A result of that complexity  is reflected in this neighborhood.  Frank Lloyd Wright, Bernard Maybeck and Richard Sharp Smith to name but a few have all made their contributions to this unique area.

 Currently, some of these homes are private residences, some operate as bed and breakfasts and some have taken on other purposes entirely.

Many interesting and historical homes can be seen throughout the city, particularly around Montford but also in other areas of north Asheville closeto the downtown center. Most outside of the Montford district, however, have been renovated into office buildings. In the affluent neighborhood at the base of Sunset Mountain, near the Grove Park Inn, are many nice older homes.

Throughout the city, it is easy to experience Asheville's famous diversity, even when it comes to the architectural styles.