Normally everyone thinks of Colorado as a skiers paradise.  Gunnison is a skaters paradise. From October to April try skating.   If your looking for a sign Its easy to miss.  Look for the big strange looking buildings to the south as you come into town from the east>  Located just before the Super 8 hotel and across from the town park.     There is a Olympic size covered outdoor rink, (FREE)  a pond  (FREE)  and a great new indoor rink.  Skate rentals are available and in great shape.    Want more adventure,  bring your speed skates and try the pristine lake ice of Blue Mesa in December.  The lake ice varys day to day with weather conditions but when its good its some of the best.   Look for all the locals and you'll have your spot.  Be careful, some are crazy and you'll see them on paper thin ice with there picks in hand,  for when they break through.   Its a skaters paradise.